What I do

I develop and implement Joomla! websites for clients, using the best and most appropriate templates, mostly paid-for, occasionally unpaid, from around the web.  There's a lot of great designs out there now, responsive, flexible, geared to all kinds of different applications.

Why Joomla!?

Well I've loads of computing history, going back to the late 60s - see the web design item on my 'web design' menu above - and been dabbling in web design since its early days.  Long worked with Dreamweaver, but it's not the quickest way of keeping a site up to date, and it's no-go for my clients or their staff.  So a Content Management System it had to be.  Drupal was too formidable, WordPress too basic, while Joomla! just seemed to fit the bill, and it still does.

Are you a potential client?

Have a look at the 'clients' item on my 'web design' menu to see some examples of what I've done for others.

If you're in Kinross-shire, Fife, Perthshire or anywhere in or round the Edinburgh area, we can meet up and discuss your needs, no obligation, no initial charge.  Further afield, maybe we could still meet up, or we can organise everything over the internet - not just in the UK, but anywhere in the world.

I don't charge silly prices, and I keep the project as short and simple as possible, and encourage my clients to do as much as they feel able for themselves.  Websites don't have to cost a fortune!

Email me as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.