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current production: Duvet Days podcast on BBC Sounds

Duvet Days logoOur first podcast commission for BBC Sounds - highly talented freelance producer Abby Hollick came up with the idea for 'Duvet Days' in which she joins a celebrity guest for an intimate chat under the duvet!  First episode features performance artist Bryony Kimmings, with Abby hosting & producing and directing the mix.  Find it now on BBC Sounds - the sampler is here, and the first episode is here.  Better still subscribe to the series!

Big thanks also to Rosie Stopher, Abby's indispensable assistant producer, and Ian Kellet, who composed the lovely theme music, while our own Mike Hally mixes each epiisode.

Enthusiastically reviewed by Miranda Sawyer, the Observer, 9 December 2018 "Another nice newbie ... Hollick is great at her job.  Many [celebrity interview podcasts] could take questions and editing techniques from Duvet Days."

UPDATE: episode 4 features Paris Lees and is here
episode 3 features Jason Stephens - find it here
AND episode 2 features actress Zawe Ashton and is here

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